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Jealous of Baldr, the fair son of Oðin and Frigg, Loki tricked Baldr's brother into murdering him. Upon his death, Baldr is sent to Hel, the world of the dead. Hel agreed to release Baldr if all the world wept over his passing, which everything did except for an old jötunn woman calling herself Thökk. She refused to weep for the shining god proclaiming, "Let Hel hold what she has." So Baldr stayed in Hel. It is highly supsected that Thökk was actually Loki in disguise. 



Each Mini Myth stands 2-3" tall and is presented in a cold cast brass finish, hand-weathered and antiqued to appear like something found at an archeological site.



This piece is  part of the Mini Myth Collection® and was produced as the January 2023 piece of the Myth of the Month subscription. 


© Aric Jorn 2023. All rights reserved.

Mini Myth - Thökk

SKU: MMN23.01
  • $5 flat rate shipping on Mini Myths regardless of quantity.

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