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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever have "sales" ?
As a general rule, no. We find sales are ultimately self-defeating. It may feel good to get something at a bargain price -- particularly if it's on something like clothes, a car, or an appliance. However, when buying artwork, having sales merely serves to lower the value of the piece you are buying. Collectors of art want to know they are buying something that won't be sold "half off" the following week. It is for this reason we do not have sales: collectors of my work know that the price they paid will not be undercut. 

Why do you "cold cast" and (while we're at it) what IS cold casting?
I like working in deep relief and often in multiple layers. If I were to use traditional (hot-cast/lost wax) casting, the resulting piece would be very heavy -- in many cases too heavy to hang on a wall or to move about easily. Traditional casting is also very expensive and, at a couple thousand dollars per casting, I find it is out of reach for most collectors.

Why do you work in limited editions instead of one-of-a-kinds?
Doing one offs is great for some artists but it is exceedingly expensive and I want my work (like the stories themselves) to be accessible to a wider audience. What's more, one of the things that drives me to create this work is the desire to breathe new life into these ancient stories, so I would rather see each of my pieces being enjoyed, shared and discussed in 100 homes rather than just one.

Do you ship your work overseas?
Certainly, I ship all over the world with international clients making up an ever larger percentage of my collectors. At present, my work is in the hands of private collectors in 14 countries. If the estimated shipping seems high to you, it's a good idea to 
contact me before deciding not to order as I find the automated shipping calculator often estimates too high. I also combine shipping whenever practicable, so if you are considering multiple pieces, the cost to ship each piece drops dramatically.

Do you take commissions?
Yes, but it is extremely expensive so if you want someone to do a one-off relief of your family crest, I'm likely not your guy. If however, you need something sculpted to be produced 50 or 100 times, let's talk. 

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