The Blind God


A son of Oðin and Frigg, Baldr was known as the shining god and he was universally loved and admired. After confiding to his parents that he had terrible nightmares about the end of the world and his own death (Baldrs draumar), Frigg made all things in the world vow not to harm him - all things except the mistletoe which she considered harmless. When Loki learned of this, he tricked Baldr’s blind brother, Höðr, into throwing a spear of mistletoe at Baldr thereby killing him.According to The Prose Edda, Höðr is the blind son of Oðin and Frigg. He was tricked (by Loki) into slaying his otherwise invulnerable brother, Baldr, with a spear of mistletoe (the only thing that could harm him). Although he did not intend to harm his brother, Höðr was killed in turn by Vali (a son born to Oðin for the express purpose of avenging Baldr’s murder). After Ragnarok, Höðr will be vindicated and rule with Baldr and others over the new world.


This piece was produced in September, 2020 as part of the Mini Myth Collection®


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Mini Myth - Hodr

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