About Aric Jorn 

Over the years, my creativity has found expression through music, theatre, writing and visual art, but sculpting is where I feel I am doing my most meaningful work. I sculpt myth. Since childhood, I have been an eager student of mythology. I am fascinated by the rich diversity of cultures and traditions throughout the world – both in terms of what distinguishes one from another and what makes them the same. As I continue to explore this fascination, I share the stories I find with the world through my sculptures.I view my role as one who gives form to the intangible tales of long ago so as to help others make personal connections between the past and the present. In so doing, I seek to remind people of the importance of our personal heritage and the contribution our individuality makes to the whole of society.

 About the Work

​Myths are stories that attempt to make sense of life and its purpose. As a narrative sculptor, I seek to give physical form to these tales to make them and their meanings more tangible and accessible. Although my work focuses on Viking mythology and culture, the underlying messages convey universally inclusive truths that get at the greater human story beneath. Each piece I create is accompanied by a “story card” that interprets the myth that inspired the sculpture so the story and its meaning always travels with the art.
One of my signature styles is the “layered relief” wherein I fuse together multiple pieces, individually cast in different materials to achieve greater dimensional possibilities and a rich variety of colors and textures. I work in both limited editions as well as open editions, thereby striking a balance between rarity and accessibility. My work can be viewed and is available at shows and exhibits and via my 
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2017 Honorable Mention - Great Lakes Art Show

2016 1st Place (Sculpture) - Fountain Square Art Show

2016 2nd Place - Great Lakes Art Show

2016 Honorable Mention - Fine Art at The Village

2015 BEST in SHOW - Art on the Grand


The Crow Show 2016

Arts Illiana Gallery of Indiana
Over 50 artists from across the country contributed works celebrating the Crow.


Grand Opening Exhibit 2017

My work was selected to be part of the premier exhibition at the new fine art gallery in Saginaw, Michigan.


The Crow Show 2019

50th Annual Crow Show at The Studio Door in San Diego, CA featuring work from artists around the nation. 

PublicArts2019-20-Farmington Hills.jpeg

Public Arts  2019-2021

Two year exhibit showcasing Michigan artists of all types at the City Hall of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Calendar Crow

"Odin's Ravens: Hugin & Munin"  was selected as the January page
of the Windsong Foundation's 
2017 Pagan Calendar

Myth in the Media

I have been honored to be featured twice on PBS's Emmy Award winning
​show "Detroit Performs." 

Aric Jorn Studios 

is based in

Dearborn, MI USA

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