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The challenge begins...

Thanks to those who backed our recent Kickstarter launch, the Viking Artifact Series is officially a go, but it's not yet set in stone. The design of each of the first two pieces in this series -- a sword and a spearhead -- is being finalized and there remains an opportunity to add a few upgrades if there is enough support. And so the Viking Artifact Challenge begins!  


The Challenge:

We have until July 15, 2023 to reach the three upgrades below before we lock in the final designs and begin production.


Unlocking the Upgrades:

Upgrades will be added to the project based on the total number of pre-orders received by July 15. These pre-orders can be any combination of swords, partial swords or spearheads whether they are mounted or unmounted. When an upgrade is reached, the associated Viking chest will open indicating that the upgrade is now shared with all sword and spearhead customers. As you can see below, we already stand at 14 orders which means we're already nearly halfway to unlocking all three upgrades!

If the challenge is successful, everyone wins. So even if you've already pre-ordered, you can help ensure yourself an even cooler one-of-a-kind sculptural Viking Artifact by sharing this project with others and encouraging them to pre-order.

You can follow progress toward unlocking the upgardes on the challenge tracker which will be updated weekly:

thermometer 16.jpg

The Upgrades:

chest A closed.jpg


to go!


chest b closed.jpg
chest c closed.jpg

The challenge has been posed. Ready. Set. Go!

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