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The second offering in the Viking Artifact Series, this piece is sculpted to look like a Viking Age spearhead recently unearthed by an archeologist - battleworn, time-scarred, and heavily weathered - that has been prepared for display in a modern museum.


Some of the best spears produced during the Viking Age were fashioned from two different metals (a steel edge and iron core) that were hammer-welded together. Since these two materials deteriorate at different rates, when they are unearthed after corroding for centuries, a zig-zag pattern called wolf tooth often emerges revealing where the two metals were joined. As corrosion continues, the edge steel will sometimes delaminate, separating from the iron core altogether causing the zig-zag pattern to stop abruptly. The name of this piece -- Úlfstönn (or Wolf's tooth in Old Norse -- is in part derived from its construction.


Úlfstönn's socket is embellished with knotwork depicting Óðin and his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. Battles often began with the Viking force throwing a single spear at the enemy formation thereby dedicating the battle to Óðin. In Scandinavia, the gift of a spear is a way to honor the patriarch of the family because it is the object associated most with Óðin, the All-father.


Many examples have been found of Viking spears with inlaid silver designs indicating the importance of spears to the Norse. This piece is offered with the option to have the socket hand gilded in pure silver leaf to capture the look of inlaid silver details. The silver leaf is also weathered to give it a tarnished/aged appearance true to an artifact.


This spearhead is available unmounted or mounted on a hand-stained, solid red oak board. The optional augmentation in the corners is meant to represent the hammered rivets seen on the hulls of Viking longships or on Viking Age shields.


The unmounted pieces is 21" long. The mounted piece is 23.5" x 5.5".


Each piece comes with hardware for hanging as well as a booklet that shares various aspects of the piece and the weapons upon which it is based. Mounted spearheads also feature a brass plaque on the back indicating the edition number.


EDITION SIZE: Limited to 100 numbered pieces.


Those who purchase both the sword and the spearhead may request matching edition numbers and every effort will be made to meet this request. 



NOTE: Please allow 2 weeks for order fulfillment prior to shipping.

While heavily researched, this piece is not intended to be a replica of any particular artifact.




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Úlfstönn Viking Spearhead

SKU: VA-S-01
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