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Malicious dwarves


Fjalar and Galar are a pair of truly nasty, murderous dwarves. Among those they killed were a jötunn couple whose son, Suttungr, came to avenge them. He bound the dwarves to a boulder at low tide so they would drown at sea. They had previously murdered the god, Kvasir, and crafted the Mead of Poetry from his blood. In exchange for their lives and as compensation for the loss of his parents, Fjalar and Galar offered this prized mead to Suttungr. The greedy jötunn accepted and set them free. 


This piece was produced in September 2021 as part of the Mini Myth Collection®


© Aric Jorn 2021. All rights reserved.

Mini Myth - Fjalar + Gallar

SKU: MMN21.09
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