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This sail is specifically designed to enhance Skíðblaðnir, the best of ships. It is  

fashioned in bold stripes of red/white or blue/white, colors that were popular during the Viking Age. Nordic looms were not generally sized to produce cloth wide enough for a sail, so long strips were woven and then these strips were sewn together to make a piece of fabric wide enough for a sail.


A weathervane proudly adorns the mast of this piece. Weathervanes of the period were considered symbols of extremely high status and were almost always made of copper gilded in gold. Our weathervane is hand-gilded in 23-karat gold leaf. Possibly reserved for nobles, ship weathervanes may have served as guideons during attacks to denote the Jarl’s ship in the formation.


When installed on the ship, the height of the entire display (ship + sail) is 16 inches.



To celebrate the studios’ ninth anniversary, customers who purchase Skíðblaðnir and/or its bold new sail by March 8 at 11:59 p.m. EST will also get a double entry for that order in the March 9, 2024 drawing for a chance to win Loyalty Loot. Visit the drawing page for details.  To learn about Loyalty Loot, click the button at the bottom of any page.



NOTE: This listing is for the Skíðblaðnir sail only. Mini Myths are shown only to demonstrate size and use as a display.  Skíðblaðnir (ship) and Mini Myths are available separately.




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Skidbladnir Sail

  • NOTE: This item has a 1-2 week processing time prior to shipping. All orders ship U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. If you need to receive your order by a certain date or need it to ship differently, please contact me prior to ordering.


    INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We ship all over the world. If the site says you cannot order this piece because of where you are located, please contact me and I will be happy to put together a shipping quote for you. Please be advised that shipping costs do not include any import fees/taxes/VAT that your country may impose upon you, so additional charges may be placed on your shipment over which I have no control.

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