This wall-mounted relief is just over two feet long, eight inches high and four inches deep. It has been designed as a display for the Mini Myth Collection® but can also be hung as a stand-alone sculpture or as a shelf for reasonably light items. A very limited number of pre-orders are now being accepted for this “best of boats."


** Only three of these remain in stock (ready to ship) and we won't be doing the next batch of castings until spring 2021


** This listing is for the Skidbladnir only, Mini Myths are shown only to demonstrate size and use as a display. Mini Myths are available separately.



About Skíðblaðnir:

This ship was built by a trio of famous dwarven smiths known as the Sons of Ivaldi. This they did as part of a competition with a pair of rival smiths named Brokkr and Eitri (the ones who made Mjolnir among other things.) The competition was cunningly orchestrated by Loki as a way to get himself out of trouble for having cut off the hair of Thor’s wife, Sif.


Both rival teams labored to create three magical gifts for the gods and the gods so gifted would judge them on their cunning and magical crafting ability. Ivaldi’s Sons gifted Skíðblaðnir to the Vanir god, Freyr, the son of Njordr, who proclaimed it a wonderful creation. The most amazing thing about Skíðblaðnir was that, when not in use, it could be folded like a cloth down to a tiny size and placed in his pouch. When unfolded, it was large enough to carry all the Aesir gods.