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Thjálfi is the son of a farmer whose family hosted Thor and Loki for a night during one of their many adventures. After unwittingly laming one of Thor's goats, he became Thor's servant and accompnied them on their strange adventure to the lands of Útgarða-Loki. While there, Thjálfi proved himsef to be a gifted athlete as he competed in a race. Though he was the fastest human Thor had ever seen, he was no match for the speed of his opponent -- the personification of thought itself.


Each Mini Myth stands 2-3" tall and is presented in a cold cast brass finish, hand-weathered and antiqued to appear like something found at an archeological site.



This piece is  part of the Mini Myth Collection® and was produced as the February 2022 piece of the Myth of the Month subscription. 


© Aric Jorn 2022. All rights reserved.

Mini Myth - Thjálfi

SKU: MMN22.02
  • $5 flat rate shipping on Mini Myths regardless of quantity.

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