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Gerðr is the beautiful jötunn maiden for whom Freyr gave up his magical dancing sword (the unstoppable weapon that may have allowed him to defeat Surtr at the battle of Ragnarok). Freyr sent his servant, Skirnir, to  woo Gerðr and ask for her hand on Freyr's behalf. Although she initially refused, after a mixture of flattery and threats, she eventually acquiesced. Gerðr is associated with the earth and her marriage to Freyr can be seen as the divine union of earth and sky.


Each Mini Myth stands 2-3" tall and is presented in a cold cast brass finish, hand-weathered and antiqued to appear like something found at an archeological site.



This piece is  part of the Mini Myth Collection® and was produced as the January 2022 piece of the Myth of the Month subscription. 


© Aric Jorn 2022. All rights reserved.

Mini Myth - Gerðr

SKU: MMN22.01
  • $5 flat rate shipping on Mini Myths regardless of quantity.

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