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Virtual Voyages

Let the voyage begin...

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Virtual Voyages are an opportunity to join Aric Jorn and fellow voyagers in exploring Norse myth, culture, and history of the Viking Age while completing a virtual fitness challenge. Virtual voyages are completed simply by walking, running, biking (or a mix of other options) in the real world, then posting miles/steps in an app on a phone or computer. Through the app, voyagers can see where they are on the map as well as the actual scenery of their locaction in the travel destination. They can also chat with other voyagers. Gatherings at regularly hosted virtual mead halls add to the fun. Each event features a different theme and destination, and Aric Jorn and studio staff actively participate as fellow voyagers. 

Virtual Voyages are not races. Rather they are an opportunity to travel together while getting healthier, exploring Norse myth and culture, and building community. Since the voyages are virtual and completed at each person's own pace, anyone can participate from anywhere in the world.

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You can still take our epic (or go) viking across...



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Information about the next Virtual Voyage will be posted here as it becomes available. 

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Virtual Voyage Testimonial...

"...there were two principal things that stood out from last year's Virtual Voyage. The first and most important one was the opportunity to learn more about subjects that Briani and I are passionate about - the stories, histories, and theories about the world of our ancestors. Achieving each milestone along the way unlocked a new reward. I'm all about the wee dopamine hits making exercise more satisfying, and this is better than some arbitrary points system any day!

And this leads me directly to the second wonderful aspect, the camaraderie felt when we'd all learn something new, or finally got acquainted during the mead halls. History is supposed to be like this - about people - and this has been a most agreeable way to experience history, myth, and everything in-between. Like-minded people, each with their own takes and passions and opinions, but all on the same journey."


Douglas Solberg-Bell

Past Voyages...

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2023 Voyage

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2022 Voyage

Bifrost logo_edited.png

2021 Voyage

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