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Although a modern Icelandic tradition, the Troll Cross harkens back to many of the myths of ancient Scandinavia. The iron Troll Cross wards against trolls, elves and the like. It is also believed that looking through the center of the Troll Cross allows the viewer to see through the disguises and beguilements of these malevolent spirits.


Each yuletide ornament measures about 3.5" in diameter and comes ready to hang in a gift box with mini story card. Each is handcrafted in cold-cast metal and are very light weight. The Troll Cross ornament is presented in cold cast iron finish.


Available individually or as a three-piece set along with the Valkyrie, presented in cold cast brass finish, and Mjolnir, presented in cold cast copper finish.


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Yuletide Ornament - Troll Cross

SKU: ORN.17.3
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