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Reliefs in the Round is a series of free-standing sculptures that can be viewed from several angles, featuring two separate but related stories - one on the interior surface and one on the exterior surface. Each piece in this limited edition series stands at about 12-inches tall and 6-inches in diameter. Each numbered piece is handcrafted an presented in cold-cast brass accompanied by a full-color, signed storycard that explains the tales behind the sculpture.


For a truly dramatic effect, these pieces are also designed to accommodate a light inside the cylinder (a flameless candle or LED strip is recommended) providing a warm glow that makes the interior relief come to life.



"Odin's Sacrifices"

The first piece in the Relief in the Round series celebrates one of the most fascinating characters to be found in the Norse tradition - Odin. He has over a hundred names of course and delights in putting on disguises while on his many adventures. Still, it is "Odin" by which most recognize him. There are so many stories that have been told about the Allfather, but this piece focuses on the two wherein Odin makes great sacrifices to gain wisdom and understanding.


The interior (back) relief depicts the tale wherein Odin visits Mimir’s Well – one of the wells supplying water to the world tree, Yggdrasil. The well is said to confer great wisdom upon anyone who drinks of its waters. But there is a reason it is called “Mimir’s Well” and the owner was not about to let anyone drink without having first made a sacrifice. Of Odin, Mimir required only one small gift … one of Odin’s eyes was to be cut out and placed in the well. O∂in made the required offering and took his drink, becoming wise beyond words. It was thereafter said that he saw better with his one remaining eye than he ever saw with two. The relief shows Odin holding a drinking horn in one hand as he drops his offering in the well with the other.


The exterior features a mad knotwork of tree branches from which hangs Odin, together with his spear, Gungnir, his two faithful ravens (Huginn and Muninn), and the runes splayed out beneath his dangling feet. It captures the tale of Odin hanging himself from Yggdrasil after having stabbed himself with his own spear. This he did to sacrifice himself to himself in order to gain higher wisdom. There he hung for nine days and nine nights. No food did he eat and no water did he drink. As the ordeal wore on, his vision grew blurry, his body cried out in anguish, and his mind began to lose its grip. On the ninth day, he saw below his feet the wisdom he sought – and thereby learned the secrets of the runes.



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©2021-2023 Aric Jorn & Jivotica LLC. All Rights Reserved. This is an original design by Aric Jorn and as its creator, Aric Jorn retains all rights.  Aric Jorn Studios is always open to working with other makers and artists. So, if you are interested in incorporating (whole or in part) this or any of Aric Jorn's designs into a product, artwork or for any other purpose, please contact Aric Jorn first to make arrangements and come to an agreement. Using this design with taking this step will result in immediate legal action.

Odin's Sacrifices

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