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Vafþrúðnir (Riddle Weaver) was one of the wisest and mightiest of the jötnar. Despite Frigg's warnings, Oðin travelled to the jötunn's hall and bet his head against his host's on a trivia contest. Both proved to be very knowledgeable so, to ensure a victory, Oðin posed a question that was impossible for his opponent to answer, asking what he (Oðin) whispered in his son Baldr's ear at his funeral. Despite the obvious unfairness of this question, Vafþrúðnir accepted defeat with dignity. 



Each Mini Myth stands 2-3" tall and is presented in a cold cast brass finish, hand-weathered and antiqued to appear like something found at an archeological site.



This piece is  part of the Mini Myth Collection® and was produced as the June 2023 piece of the Myth of the Month subscription. 


© Aric Jorn 2023-2024. All rights reserved.

Mini Myth - Vafþrúðnir

SKU: MMN23.06
  • $5 flat rate shipping on Mini Myths regardless of quantity.

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