Who dwells under stone


Alvis [whose name means "All Wise"] was a dwarf briefly employed by the Aesir gods while Thor was away. He was promised Thor’s daughter, Thrud, as payment. When Alvis came to collect his bride, Thor had returned and was very unhappy with the arrangement. So, Thor stalled for time be insisting Alvis answer a series of questions to prove his wisdom. The ruse worked and the distracted dwarf didn’t realize the sun had risen until it was too late. Alvis was turned to stone.


Many scholars of ancient Scandinavian beliefs suggest that dwarves and dark elves were one and the same. They were creators of magical treasures, mechanical marvels, fine artistry and delvers who mined precious metals and stones. I have depicted Alvis standing atop a traditional sea chest of the sort that viking warriors would use to keep their share of the treasure and would sit upon while they rowed their mightly long ships.


This piece was produced in March 2018 as part of the Mini Myth Collection®


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Mini Myth - Alvis

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