Full 2018 Collection


The Mini Myth Collection® is an ever-expanding series of hand sculpted, cast and finished figures. Each Mini Myth captures a god, goddess, creature or hero from Norse mythology and presents them as a pocket-sized sculpture. Ranging in size from 2-3 inches tall (about the size of a chess piece), each one is creafted in cold-cast brass, weathered and sealed and each comes with a small story card that highlights interesting facts pertaining to the given character.

This listing includes the full set of 12 Mini Myths produced in 2018 as well as the option to add the two 2017 Mini Myths (Thor and Odin).


The Mini Myth Collection® is also available as a monthly subscription. Details can be found at www.jorn.com under "Myth of the Month." Subscribers receive three new Mini Myths (called a "Wave") to add to their collection every three months and can become eligible to receive the Yearend Exclusive Mini Myth. Subscriber exclusives will never be sold elsewhere or outside of active subscriptions.


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Mini Myth 2018 Collection

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