Freyja's Cats is the long-awaited third installment in the Mythic Pairs series of layered reliefs joining Odin's Ravens and the Wolves of Ragnarok.


Freyja is a Vanir goddess presiding over many areas of Norse culture from love, beauty, sex and fertility to war, death and magic (seidr). In fact, she taught the Aesir gods magic, rules over the Valkyries and claims half the fallen warriors from every battle as her own (the other half going to Odin).


Freyja is now thought to be from the same Proto-Germanic goddess that split at some point prior to the VIking Age to give us both the goddess Freyja as well as Frigg.

Freyja travels in a chariot pulled by two cats. Their names have been lost to history but they are often referred to as Bygul and Trjygul to represent Freyja‘s association with gold and amber. In fact, the phrase "Freyja's Tears" is a poetic kenning (metaphor) for gold. The cats are presented here guarding Freyja’s most cherished possession - the Brisingamen - a necklace of unsurpassed beauty crafted by dwarves.


Limited to 150 signed & numbered castings


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Freyja's Cats: Bygul & Trjegul

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