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Myth of the Month

The Mission

Those familiar with Norse myths know of the world-ending battle, Ragnarok.  But, the story arc does not end there.  As described in the Poetic Edda, those destined to survive Ragnarok will look out upon a new world as it springs fresh and green from the waters.  Amidst the grasses, they will see small glints of gold, what they come to find are a vast number of gold game pieces each in the likeness of a god, beast or hero that had lived in one of the nine worlds before the end of times.  The survivors will play with these figures, recounting the glories of the old gods as they remember and honor them.
This story of remembrance and renewal is the inspiration behind the Mini Myth Collection.  I am endeavoring to create the most comprehensive collection of figures from Norse mythology ever crafted by a single artist. 
Every month I create one new Mini Myth, each accompanied by a mini story card that highlights notable aspects of the character. It is my intention to represent every named god/goddess, creature and monster found in the mythology as well as the legendary figures from the sagas and even some of the major historical figures of the age.  Each Mini Myth stand 2-3" tall and is presented in a cold cast brass finish, hand-weathered and antiqued to appear like something found at an archeological site.


The Subscription
As a Myth of the Month subscriber, you join a community of collectors from across the US to the United Kingdom in a journey of discovery and a celebration of heritage. Limited to 100 active subscriptions worldwide, Myth of the Month subscribers receive three Mini Myths per quarter (12/year) plus access to a Myth of the Month subscriber-only area on the Aric Jorn Studios website. Subscribers can also become eligible for a free exclusive Mini Myth at the end of each calendar year during which they are an active subscriber. These subscription-only exclusives will not be available anywhere else.  Like a magazine subscription, Myth of the Month subscriptions start with the Mini Myth created in the month you subscribe. As your collection grows, you will come to more fully know the depth and breadth of the culture, history and mythology of the Vikings.
To subscribe, select the button below for the region to which your subscription will ship. For convenience, monthly payments are automatically charged to the card of your choice. All rates are in US dollars and include the cost of shipping.  If you wish to
subscribe and the subscription is to be shipped to an area other than those indicated on the buttons below, please contact Aric for rates prior to subscribing.  

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