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From Lindisfarne to Hastings, travel across England and through time discovering the history and culture of the Vikings. This Virtual Voyage is a two-part journey taking place April 14 - October 14, 2022 and spanning 394 total miles. While the two parts are intended to be done in order -- Hiking History followed by The Mad March -- you can choose to do only one part or the other depending on how far, how long and how fast you want to travel.


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viking across England:

Part one of the journey starts at the monastery of Lindisfarne (also called Holy Island) off the northeast coast of England. This was the site of the first recorded Viking raid in England in 793. From there you will travel through time and history to Stamford Bridge, the site of the last Viking invasion that ended in defeat in 1066. Along the 143 miles, you will explore the impact of the Norsemen on English culture, language, and politics, and delve into their beliefs, history, and art.

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viking across England:
the madmarch

On part two of the voyage, you will retrace the remarkable march of King Harold Godwinson and his Saxon army as they raced from their victory against the Vikings at Stamford Bridge to meet the Normans less than three weeks later on October 14,1066 at the Battle of Hastings. Along your 251-mile "mad march" you will explore the climactic series of events that left England forever changed.


Viking Across England will take place over six months from April 14 to October 14, 2022, but because it is designed as a consecutive two-part journey, there will be staggering start dates. You can begin Hiking History on or after April 14, and The Mad March on or after May 14. Both parts of the voyage conclude on October 14 (the day the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066). But Viking Across England is not a race, so proceed at your own pace doing your choice of fitness activities while exploring this fascinating period in time and meeting others. The My Virtual Mission app will track your progress and allow you to see where you are in England each time you log your miles.  

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