The Journey to the Bifrost is a virtual mission up the western coast of Norway to that most legendary and elusive of bridges, the Bifrost. Along the way, you will learn about Norse myth and culture, hear tales of the Bifrost and the gods who used it to travel betwixt the realms. The Journey to the Bifrost was Aric Jorn Studio's inaugural Virtual Voyage held in 2021, but you can embark on this journey anytime.


Mortals cannot actually walk on the Bifrost, but we are embarking on a quest to catch a glimpse of it. The journey begins at a re-created longhouse that is part of the Lofotr Viking Museum in Bøstad, Norway. We will then travel up the western edge of the country completing our journey (and nearly 300 miles) at Tromsø, Norway. Why Tromsø? If ever the Bifrost can be seen making contact with Midgard, it is in the embodiment of the Northern Lights, and Tromsø is famed for its views of this colorful display of light and magic.


The journey was hosted originally from April 15 to September 15, 2021, but will be made available again soon. Once registered, you can start and finish at any time proceeding at your own pace within a wide range of fitness activities. The My Virtual Mission app will track your progress and,  allow you to see where you are in Norway each time you log your miles. 



Registration is re-opening soon.
Watch this page for details.  ​


The Bifrost – or rainbow bridge – is that intangible, ephemeral, roadway of light that the gods use to travel between Asgard (the realm of the gods) and Midgard (the world of mankind). The bridge is guarded by the stoic  Aesir god, Heimdallr, bearer of the Gjallarhorn and watchman of the gods who can see for miles even in darkness and who can hear the grass growing in Midgard all the way from his bridge in the sky.