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Ready for an eddic odyssey?

Register at the Voyager level and get…

  • Your pass to join the voyage, access to exclusive journey-specific content  


  • Ability to track (and see!) your personal progress in your profile and on the interactive map


  • Ability to post and share your progress, voyage photos and stories and to interact with fellow voyagers



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This Eddic Odyssey is equally about having fun together and exploring Norse myth while logging miles, so just by joining the journey, you automatically become eligible for all voyage-specific contests.

Miles + Mead

All that exercise will probably make you thirsty, so – in true Viking fashion – we’ll gather from time to time at the mead hall. Everyone who joins the voyage (regardless of level) is invited to all Eddic Odyssey mead halls, a virtual Zoom experience where travelers come together to hangout, share stories, drink mead (or the beverage of your choice).

A Horde of Support & Community

When embarking on an Eddic Odyssey it’s best (and more fun) not to go it alone. When you join the journey, you also join our ongoing online community made up of all Virtual Voyagers past and present. So, in addition to those you’re walking, running or biking with in the real world, you’ll also be supported by and enjoy the company of others on the voyage through the app as well as those in the Virtual Voyagers community on the studio website.

The Treasure

What would a Viking adventure be without some treasure? Our treasure comes in the form of an original, journey exclusive, sculpted medal that is hand cast and finished by Aric Jorn. Measuring about 3.5" in diameter, the medals are suitable for displaying on a small stand or in a shadowbox. Their hexagonal design allows you to group them together for display, adding more as you collect them over time. All who register and complete the voyage by September 22, 2023 will receive a commemorative medal.

2021 and 2022 Voyage medals.

Want to make the voyage even better for everyone? Be a supporter!

Epic voyages like this don't just happen. They take money and many hours of work and planning by studio staff before and throughout the journey. 

Register at the Supporter level and get… 

All of the above, the eternal and sincere thanks of everyone at Aric Jorn Studios, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make this voyage possible. 

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